Providing Expert Voice and Performance Coaching to Western PA

I use my education as the basis to provide instruction promoting natural and healthy methods for achieving the desired quality of voice. With the combination of understanding how the voice works and experience performing, I offer a unique approach to coaching in both vocal and performance skills in areas such as: musical, language, dramatic presentation and stage presence. I also employ a lot of technology in my sessions, including live recording/feedback, and spectrogram analysis.

Bring anything from original music, audition music for college/musical theater/classical, to professional speeches and monologues.

I enjoy working with people of all ages and skill levels. My students perform at venues regularly and consistently excel in competitions.

Teacher of top 70 American Idol contestant in 2018, aubrey burchell

Student Accomplishments
  • KaelberPittsburgh Winter Rock Challenge Winners
  • Aubrey BurchellAmerican Idol 2018 Season Contestant (airs March 11th!)
  • Eva ErisX-Factor Golden Ticket 2017