Hi there, I’m Keith!

I’m a vocal coach with an emphasis on healthy production and singing longevity. I have been involved in many activities over the years from various sports, to outdoor adventures, and certainly performing.

It wasn’t until I met my late voice teacher in high school that I started to think about educating as something that I would be called to do.  After recovering from a surgery that could have affected my singing ability, he saved my voice by suggesting that I see a Speech Pathologist for more involved analysis of my recovery.

It was in these clinical sessions that I fell in love with voice science and began to see the connection between vocal health and the performance world.  Soon after, I attended the University of Pittsburgh acquiring a B.A. in Communication Science and Disorders.  After a few years of just performing, the Barbershop Harmony Society offered me a spot to teach an intro class, as well as an advanced class focusing on health and the aging voice. Ever since that first opportunity at Applecorps in 2014, teaching privately has been my passion.

In the 3 years that I have been teaching, I’ve seen students dominate the open mic circuit, win multiple battle of the bands, advance multiple stages into the televised talent show scene, but most importantly they have all found a way to turn their passion into something that can grow along with them.