Ellie Lee Oldfield

You may have heard some whispers recently about Ellie Lee Oldfield, the up-and-coming, Pittsburgh based singer/songwriter fresh on the scene – and taking it by storm. Her hair and edgy style may catch your attention first, but it’s her vocal range and musical flare that will suck you in from the first to final note. Covering everything from classic rock to modern pop while infusing her own new-day punk vibes, audiences of all genres are more than satisfied. But, it doesn’t end there. While pursuing her musical journey, Ellie began writing original material which she weaves into her live show at just the right moment.

Ellie feels that she was “born with music” in her soul and, with talent that goes beyond her young years, she’s ready to share her music with the world. The singer/songwriter has been playing live shows two-three times a week in the local and surrounding areas and has a consistent upcoming schedule.

Same Moon

Formed under the moon of Westmoreland County, PA, this acoustic duo is sure to light up your nightlife. Featuring Ellie Lee Oldfield (Piano/Vocals) and Vince Bonar (Guitar/Vocals) of Absent-Minded Professors, this duo has an eclectic mix of pop/rock tunes ranging from the 60s to present day.

Ellie Lee Oldfield’s sweet sounding piano and room-silencing vocals perfectly compliment Vince Bonar’s powerful guitar and deep-cutting voice.

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